Industry News:

Nov. 25, 2016 the Canadian government unveiled the development of a low-carbon fuel standard.  This standard is intended to reduce the carbon footprint of fuels and focus on emission reductions.  This announcement encourages the manufacture and use of cleaner fuels such as FORGE Renewable Diesel.  In conjunction with existing regulatory programs this standard will increase the demand for renewable fuels in Canada.

Nov. 23, 2016 the EPA confirmed the renewable volume obligation (RVO) for the 2018 biomass-based diesel category under the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS).  This announcement is exciting news for Canadian producers of renewable fuels wishing to export their products to the US.

FORGE In the Media:

2016 ignite Edmonton Story:  Pure diesel, gasoline and petroleum products made from waste vegetable oils and animal fats are the next generation of renewable fuels, brought to you by Forge Hydrocarbons.

2016 TEC Edmonton: Forge Hydrocarbons ramps up remarkable new biofuel technology.

2016 University of Alberta:  Biofuels start-up gets major investment.

2016 Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency Ltd video: Converting Lipids to Hydrocarbons

2013 University of Alberta: UAlberta spinoff company could be game changer in renewable fuels .

2013 Western Economic Diversification Canada: Forge Hydrocarbons Inc. Launch event.

2013 Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions video: Forge HydroCarbons launch Oct 10, 2013. 

Funding Announcements:

2016    Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions awarded $500K from Alberta towards Lipids-to-Hydrocarbons Pre-Commercial Plant - Edmonton, Canada-based Forge Hydrocarbons has been awarded $500,000 from Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions (AI Bio) (earlier post) to support a $1.26-million project optimizing a pre-commercial plant for its Lipid to Hydrocarbons (LTH) process.

2015​   Sustainable Development Technology Canada awards $4.2 million for Pre-Commercial Demonstration Plant

Drop-in green fuel - National biofuels mandates are a good way to get biofuels in the tanks of cars all over the country – but to date, petroleum companies have complied with these mandates by blending in green fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. Biofuels developers are still trying to pursue a true drop-in biofuel: that is, a fuel, made from biomass, that is chemically indistinguishable from petroleum-based fuel, and therefore directly compatible with currently used fuel infrastructure and engines. FORGE Hydrocarbons Corp. is developing a technology that transforms low-value fats, oils and greases into fuel.

Research and Innovation:

2015​    FORGE and the University of Alberta have partnered to continue research on alternative feedstock

through the  MITACs program:

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